Pure Latex Bliss Arrives in Phoenix, AZ

Experienced Latex Bliss Dealer in Phoenix, AZ

Arizona Premium Mattress is proud to be amongst the newest Latex Bliss dealers in Phoenix, AZ. What sets us apart from the other Bliss dealers is our vast knowledge in the field of latex mattresses, latex mattress toppers and latex pillows. We’ve been specializing in latex mattress products since 1998 and were there when things were just getting started. We were there when nobody even knew what a latex mattress was. We were one of the first Latex International customers when they opened their doors. Nowhere in Arizona will you get a more knowledgeable staff when it comes to latex bedding components than here at Arizona Premium Mattress Company.

Latex Bliss Poised to Make Latex Mattresses a Household Word in Phoenix

Latex Bliss Arrives in Phoenix

Latex International’s retail division, Latex Bliss, is bound and determined to get the word out about the wonderful benefits of owning a comfortable, eco friendly and still durable latex mattress, mattress pad or latex pillow. For years memory foam products have been on everyone’s mind but it’s time for memory foam to move over and make way for a veteran in the mattress industry, latex foam. That’s right, latex foam is not the new kid on the block and in fact latex mattresses were almost 15% of total mattress sales during it’s hay day in the 60’s and early 70’s. Then tragedy struck (actually it was an arsonist) and the one factory that produced the latex components for us mattress manufactures went up in flames almost never to return to the U.S. marketplace again.

Latex Bliss Products offer Comfort and Durability for Arizonans

With the big “S” companies failing to produce quality products these days it’s no wonder why the door has swung wide open for Latex Bliss to make a real name for itself. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t speak to someone who has bought within the last 4 years a name brand mattress only to have two massive craters in the middle of the bed. Just ask yourself what happens when you get a “no flip” pillowtop mattress? Answer- it wears out twice as fast and costs you twice as much. Nice gig if you can get it and believe me, the big companies get it.

The durability of latex is it’s mainstream downfall and why it’s rare to even find one these days. No, it doesn’t fall apart like the other foam beds, in fact it lasts too long for today’s hustlers. You see we live in a disposable economy and nothing lasts like it used to. Of course not, it’s better to just pay half the price from China and replace it more often with the newer model right? We’ve been brainwashed into believing that “you must change out your mattress every 5-8 years” otherwise the creepy crawlys are going to devour you. Nonsense, the video below speaks for itself so just watch and learn that old school is not dead but alive in Latex Bliss.

Latex Bliss Products for Phoenix

Latex Bliss is devoted to expanding it’s market share in Phoenix to the point of warehousing their product line in town so we can have fast access to their collection of latex mattresses, latex mattress toppers and latex pillows. Our top sellers include their 3″ latex mattress pad that actually feels like memory foam but yet is made of slow recovery latex called Active Fusion. The Active Fusion toppers also are available in the regular fast recovery formula which is my personal favorite and sits atop my own bed mainly because this product is about 5 degrees cooler than even regular talalay latex. I don’t even have to tell you what that means to someone living in Phoenix, AZ aka “hell” in the summer. I can’t even fathom the fact the people flock to the warehouse stores and buy those hot memory foam mattress toppers when a much better solution is right here in town with Latex Bliss mattress toppers.

Latex Bliss pillows are a dream for anyone who is a “hot head”. I sleep with three latex pillows to ensure good air flow and keep me cool at night. Even with summer around the corner I have no fear of going to bed knowing that I have the best air circulation under me from my latex mattress, then topper then latex pillows. The Latex Bliss pillow collection includes both high profile and low profile variations of shredded latex, all natural talalay latex and their standard blended talalay latex and all come with beautiful washable covers.

Latex Bliss Talalay Pillows

Latex Bliss Mattresses – Luxury At a Price You Can Afford

Latex Bliss Mattress in Phoenix

Why buy a tempur mattress when you can have a cool latex mattress for much less? The price points for the Latex Bliss mattresses can accommodate most anyone’s budget and the fumes won’t put you in the hospital because there aren’t any! If you are chemically sensitive like so many of our customers then this is the bed for you. Open cell foam does not off-gas unlike it’s cousin the closed cell (tempur) memory foam which it notorious for just that. It would takes months to filter through all the complaints online about the harsh chemical smell of the leading memory foam mattresses. Latex Bliss mattresses are eco friendly, non-toxic and just what the doctor ordered for our hot climate. Stop by our Phoenix latex mattress showroom today and take a Latex Bliss product for a “rest” drive.

By Ken Hightower

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