Sedona Sleep – Better Than Casper, Tuft and Needle, YogaBed™ and More

Introducing Sedona Sleep Products

Arizona Premium Mattress is proud to announce the launching of it’s sister company Sedona Sleep Products. Sedona Sleep is coming online to enter the hugely popular Bed-In-A-Box category. Other players are Casper, Tuft and Needle, Leesa, Yogabed™ and more every day.  The major appeal in this category is the cost and availability of these foam mattresses. Although this field is very crowded, none of the major players do any actual manufacturing and they all offer a one comfort fits all foam bed. Sedona Sleep breaks that mold.

Not a One Firmness Fits All Mattress

Their design brings in the best of two types of foam, traditional urethane foam and the ultra-premium latex foam. Here’s the unique difference between Sedona Sleep and all the others, it’s a 2 piece design but the second piece is optional. Suppose you already have a nice latex or memory foam mattress topper but only need to replace the bottom mattress. The very affordable and yet high quality Sedona Sleep Base mattress is all you need to complete your mattress ensemble. The base mattress is 7″ of Certi-Pur-US 1.9 lb 31 ILD flexible urethane foam with a beautiful bamboo stretch knit cover that is zippered for removing and cleaning. The second part of this bed, if you don’t already have a nice mattress topper, is a 3″ Talalay latex mattress topper that comes in a matching bamboo stretch knit zippered cover. The best part of this topper is that it’s offered in a variety of firmness choice including half n half for those couples who require a different firmness on the left side vs the right side. None of these other companies offer that. Furthermore the topper and mattress come with a full 100 night sleep trial and free shipping to lower 48 states. Another nice feature of the topper is that it is portable. Have you ever wished that hotel bed felt like your bed at home? Well consider that problem solved with this 3″ latex mattress topper addition. If you travel by vehicle just roll it up and throw it in the back.

Sedona Sleep Specification Comparison

So Casper uses a 6.5 inch 1.8 foam base with 1.5″ of memory foam then another 1.5″ of 100% synthetic (low grade) dunlop latex. They claim the 1.5″ of latex helps cool down the heat factor associated with memory foam and I get that but what I don’t get is why use memory foam in the first place? The answer is simple, they try to lure in both the memory foam buyer and latex buyer into an all in one design but the truth is there is so little of each that I doubt you can really feel either. Latex has a distinct feel as does memory foam but if there is only an inch and half it’s hard to tell if it’s even there. 3″ of pure Talalay Latex is what Sedona Sleep uses so you can actually feel and get full benefits of latex with their design. Furthermore Casper is a one firmness fits all design so if you like it soft you will be severely disappointed, if you like it quite firm you will also fall short.

Tuft and Needle, Yogabed™, and Leesa all claim to use proprietary foams but none of them use latex of any kind. Here’s a quote from the T&N website – “The problem with latex is pressure relief. Because the more you push on it, the more it pushes back. This causes painful pressure points. Latex is an outdated material that mattress companies just never stopped using”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! What planet are the geniuses from? Yes, latex has some great push back but that’s not a negative that’s called “support” you brainiacs. By the way, their adaptive foam is just a trademarked name. There is no patent on it and is available to any mattress manufacturer that wants to buy it. Bottom line is there is nothing at all special about the bed, it’s all about the marketing hype and nothing about the truth. So if mattress stores are greedy then what does that say about them?

None of the companies listed above have firmness choices either and like Casper it’s a one firmness fits all. They all claim that 85% of the population find their firmness acceptable however we know from many years of selling online that is far from the truth. Over 50% of our sales are in fact different choices on left side vs right side. You maybe happy settling for something firmer or softer than you like but why take a chance when the Sedona Sleep design is completely configured to your desired firmness, both left side and right side on Queens and Kings.

Sedona Sleep Price Comparison

All the brands mentioned and the ones to come are all trying to hit that magic price cap of $995 or below for a King size mattress. Sedona Sleep has incredibly managed to do that as well and yet still offers a full 3″ of Talalay latex in the mattress topper.  Along with the ultra high quality base foam mattress this really makes them far superior in overall value and return on investment because latex is well known to outlast any other type of foam and with 3″ full inches I think you can figure out why.




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