Talalay GL – Memory Foam – Latex or Gel?

Talalay GL- Memory Foam, Latex and Gel All In One

News Flash – This product has been halted from production by the manufacturer due to slow sales. Not sure if they will bring it back.

Here’s the link to our replacement product that is very similar – Puralux Slow Recovery Latex

Just got back from the International Sleep Products Association bi-annual trade show where I was introduced to Talalay GL made by Latex International. It’s a brand new product that takes all the best things from latex foam, memory foam and gel foam and rolls them all into one neat package called Talalay GL. Known for their Talalux branded talalay latex foam, Latex International figured out a way to infuse latex with “phase change material” which absorbs heat energy released from the body and cools down a warm body which is exactly what gel foam is all about only without the chemical aspect of gel.

Memory Foam is Hot to Sleep On – Talalay GL fixes that Problem

Up until now if you wanted a memory foam bed then you would have to prepare for a much warmer nights sleep than usual. Most memory foam is closed cell construction which means it reflects your body heat back at you causing many people to sweat at night. This is why so many are now discovering latex foam instead for it’s cooler open cell construction. Talalay GL comes in both standard instant recovery foam, like regular latex, and also the new slow recovery foam that memory foam lovers seem to prefer. So now no matter which you like better, Talalay GL has a product to float your boat.

Talalay GL is Eco Friendly and Non-Toxic

Unlike most memory foam products, Talalay GL is both eco friendly and non-toxic which means when you use this product you won’t be overwhelmed with nasty chemical smells that get soaked up by your curtains, carpet and bedding nor will it put you in the ER as I have heard many reports of with name brand memory foam mattresses. Talalay GL is made in the U.S.A. Here’s just some of the benefits of Talalay GL:

  • Maintain a consistent body temperature throughout the night while experiencing the comfort, pressure relief and health benefits of Talalay Latex.
  • Slow or fast recovery feel with exclusive Talalay Latex Phase Change Technology
  • Slow recovery feel without the negatives of temperature sensitivity
  • A true talalay latex which provides superior durability, breath ability and health benefits
  • Absorbs heat energy released from the body
  • Phase change materials cool down a warm body and warm up a cool body
  • Motion separation for undisturbed sleep
  • Less tossing and turning by minimizing fluctuations in body temperature
  • Anti-microbial and dust mite resistant

    Like Memory Foam, Talalay GL Relieves Pressure Points

    Using Xsensor full body pressure mapping which features over 10,000 sensors that measure pressure between a body and sleep surface, you can see below the difference between sleeping on a spring mattress and a Talalay GL mattress.

    Xsensor Pressure Mapping on Spring Mattress

Red=Extreme Blue= Light Yellow= Moderate

Talalay GL Pressure Mapping

Arizona Premium Mattress Introduces Talalay GL Mattress Toppers

With Talalay GL in route to our Phoenix factory we will be adding both slow recovery and fast recovery mattress toppers to our corporate website over the next few weeks. These amazing toppers will also be available shortly in our Phoenix latex mattress showroom for you to experience for yourself the wonderful benefits of a Talalay GL latex mattress topper.

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2 Responses to “Talalay GL – Memory Foam – Latex or Gel?”

  1. Ben says:

    I’m very interested in the Talalay GL topper, but it’s very difficult to buy something without trying it, especially when apparently Arizona Mattress doesn’t allow returns of toppers. If there was a way to return it if it didn’t work for us and have that money credited towards another topper, then it would be easier to purchase a product that is so new and for everyone outside of the Phoenix area unavailable to try in person. Is that possible?

    • porchdog says:

      I would allow the exchange for another 3″ topper however I would request that you keep the original zippered cover to use on the replacement topper. All shipping costs would be paid by you but we do have good UPS rates.

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