How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Arizona

Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Arizona

Bed bugs have now invaded all 50 states including our beloved Arizona. Good news is, we have something very few other states have and I’m going to share with you how to get rid of bed bugs in Arizona without using toxic chemicals.
The most natural way is by using heat, that’s right, 115 degree heat will kill bed bugs. By putting your mattress, boxspring, bedroom furniture, drapes, etc. in the sun during one of those late June scorchers will definitely kill any bed bugs that are present at the time.

Pillow Top Mattresses Don’t Help to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Arizona

As the video above proves, bed bugs can propagate inside the folds of a pillow top mattress. This provides the perfect sheltered environment for reproduction and easy access to your blood. How to prevent bed bugs in Arizona, don’t buy a pillow top mattress for starters! Bed bugs like a moist environment, mattresses with cotton batting and felt pads hold moisture from your body. So when they are done feeding on your blood they can surround themselves in your previous nights perspiration that has been soaked up by the mattress padding.

Latex Mattresses Help Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Arizona

Replacing your existing mattress with a latex mattress can greatly increase your chances of getting rid of bed bugs in Arizona due to it’s airy construction. Open cell foam which is found in latex mattresses disburses body heat allowing it to evaporate rapidly and not collect within the mattress. Latex mattresses are also rarely found in pillow top designs and I would not recommend getting one if it did. None of our designs are pillow top style however do offer the additional comfort of pillow top designs without creating the fold that seems to harbor bed bugs.

Bed bugs can also live in the wood cracks and crevices of your box spring. If you do have a bed bug infestation one method to get rid of bed bugs in Arizona is to replace your box spring with a metal platform frame which we stock here at our mattress factory showroom in Phoenix, AZ. Our metal platform frames function as both a conventional bed frame and box spring combination making it 14″ off the ground. Just add the mattress on top. These also have a smooth metal surface which makes it difficult for bed bugs to climb up.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Arizona

Bed Bug Protection Kit for Arizona

If you can’t afford to change out your existing mattress to one of our latex mattresses then I offer up a much less expensive way to get rid of bed bugs in Arizona with a bed bug protection kit by Protect-A-Bed®. Fully protect your mattress investment by using Protect-A-Bed® AllerZip® Bed Bug or Allergy Protection Kits. AllerZip® mattress protection kits give you complete mattress protection for a healthy, allergy free sleep zone. Patented BugLock® (US Patent 7,552,489); three-sided zipper and AllerZip® seal gives you total protection against dust mites, allergens and bed bugs. AllerZip® mattress encasement is completely Bed Bug entry, escape and bite proof.

Bed Bug Protection Kit for AZ

Lastly I wanted to point out that consistent vacuuming will also help get rid of bed bugs in Arizona. Vacuum everything including the mattress at least once a week until the bed bug infestation has been terminated. Wash everything in “hot” water at least once a week as well including drapes if possible. Just to be safe, when that 115 day rolls around this summer, put everything outside for a day and let mother nature herself get rid of bed bugs in Arizona naturally and without the use toxic chemicals as is the solution by most pest control companies.

By Ken Hightower

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