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Why do so-called “organic mattresses” contain so little organic materials? I ask myself this question all the time when I see advertised on the internet Certified Organic Mattresses but yet when I read the specifications I see only a small part of the mattress is made with those materials. We’ll it’s time to give consumers what they pay for. Our “Certified Organic Latex Mattresses” contain over 95% organic material, not 5% that I see at most other stores. We have all the documentation to back it up too!

Certified Organic Latex Mattresses

Here’s what it means to own a real organic mattress- it means the materials used to make the mattress have been tested to insure that no harmful chemicals or pesticides are contained within. Bet Tempurpedic wishes they could say that but we all know the truth about memory foam, don’t you? What it also means is that you can eliminate one more item off the list that has been known to contain cancer causing agents unlike it’s memory foam cousin.

Organic Mattresses Are Healthy and Non-Toxic

Rest your head on an organic latex mattress made right here in Arizona and you can rest assured that you just purchased the absolute best mattress for the money anywhere. Our factory direct pricing on organic mattresses means that you too can afford to outfit your family with clean, fresh, eco friendly and non-toxic mattresses and pillows. Just as an example, our best selling Queen size 95% organic mattress sells for just $1695 but over at our competitors site you can get a similar mattress that’s only 5% organic and sells for $4995. I know people who did not know about us and actually bought those beds and boy are they really pissed now that they know they could have got a much better organic mattress and an unbelievable price. I’d be upset too if I spent that much money on an inferior product. Those friends of mine in Scottsdale you know who I’m talking about.

Certified Organic Mattresses Made in AZ

Certified Organic Latex Foam Mattresses

Where Does Organic Latex Come From?

Currently there is only one source for Certified Organic Latex in the U.S. and it comes from Sri Lanka, a company called Latex Green to be precise. We have been offering their all natural latex mattresses for many years and now that they have gone the extra mile for truly certified organic we were one of the first to offer this in one of our mattress designs in the U.S. let alone Phoenix, AZ. So if you are confused by all the hype and misinformation out there (and believe me there is plenty) then stop by our eco friendly mattress showroom here at 22226 N. 23rd Ave in Phoenix and we’ll be happy to not only educate you but let you experience an organic mattress for yourself compared directly to the top mattress styles you see everywhere else.

By Ken Hightower

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