Non-Toxic Mattresses for Arizona

Non-Toxic Mattresses Available in Arizona

Arizona Premium Mattress Company features non-toxic mattresses utilizing Oeko-Tex certified latex from Latex International, LatexCo, Latex Green and Coco Latex. We are Arizona’s premier natural mattress factory.

Non-Toxic Latex Certification

What does this mean? The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a globally uniform testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products at all stages of product. The certification ensures that the products do not contain harmful substances and are not harmful to one’s health including infants.
Here is a link to OEKO-TEX Standard Certification for Latex International: oeko-tex standard for 2011.pdf Our other suppliers have a similar certificate as well and available upon request.

Latex Foam Makes Allergy Free and Non-Toxic Mattresses

Arizona Premium Mattress Company makes non-toxic mattresses from latex foam that is also allergy free. We’ve all heard of “latex allergies” but those allergic reaction come from cold processed latex found in latex gloves primarily. Latex foam is heat processed with destroys the proteins that cause the allergic reactions. Furthermore, it is washed several times to remove any residue making it completely allergy free.

Why does Your Family Need Non-Toxic Mattresses?

Let’s get real here, we are already bombarded everyday with environmental toxins. Our livers are working overtime to process out all these poisons and we don’t want to add to that burden by sleeping on a mattress that is known to have harmful chemicals such as most the name brand memory foam mattresses contain. I am told that information is about to be revealed proving that the company that sells THE most memory foam mattresses in the U.S. uses at least two known cancer causing agents in their products. Once this information becomes public you can bet that I will publish that link. For now just rely on your nose, if it smells chemical, it probably is. Non-toxic mattresses will relieve this added pressure and help give your liver a break.

Non-Toxic Mattresses Made with Latex and Wool

What can be more natural than non-toxic mattresses made using the milk extracted from a natural rubber tree and all natural wool sheared off of sheep grazing in the foothills of New Zealand? Well nothing short of sleeping on the ground and that’s not very comfortable.

Non-Toxic mattresses

At Arizona Premium Mattress Company we pride ourselves in our wonderful non-toxic mattresses which we proudly display in our factory showroom. From our amazingly successful “Ultra Plush Latex Mattress” to our kid friendly “Solid Core” latex bed, you will find both of these designs affordable so that you no longer need to stress about not having enough money to swap out those old chemically laden, bed bug infested mattresses. Come down to our factory showroom and see for yourself. Smell for yourself. We have nothing to hide here. Let us design your family’s new beds exactly how you want them. Full disclosure and above board practices makes us Arizona’s #1 choice for all natural non-toxic mattresses.

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