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You may contact us any time at 623-580-0288 or toll free at 888-773-7326. You may also fill out the form below and someone from our staff will get back to you ASAP. You may also wish to visit our web store located at Arizona Premium Mattress Co.

Our factory showroom is located at 22201 N. 24 th Ave. Ste. 2 Phoenix, AZ. 85027 and is open M-F 9-5 and on Saturday 10-4.

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19 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Anna Norden says:

    Could you please tell me how much your twin xl beds weigh? I would fit them on a daybed/trundle. I’m looking at your all natural (either talalay or dunlop) or blend.
    Thank you

    • porchdog says:

      Twin XL weighs about 70 lbs. Dunlop weighs a little more than does blended Talalay. Most Daybeds are only 74″ (standard twin) so make sure of the size before ordering. Have a great day!

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  4. […] 623-580-0288 Home About Contact Natura Mattresses NexGel Gel Beds Non Toxic Mattresses […]

  5. Tammy says:

    Hi we are interested in buying a queen bed with split firmness. You are open m-f 8-5?
    Thank you

  6. Rebecca says:

    Howdy, I am shopping for a non-toxic, full size mattress, preferably on sale. I live in central Texas. Please let me know if you have any available. Thanks, Rebecca

  7. Elaina says:


    We purchased latex mattresses for our family last year from you store. We LOVE our mattresses.

    Our 4 year old had an accident in his bed tonight. In the past when he has had accidents the mattress cover has prevented any liquid from penetrating to the mattress. This did not happen tonight. I’m not sure if he had a super huge bladder accident or if he found a loop-hole in the coverage, but the mattress got a little wet.

    How do you suggest I best clean the mattress?

    Thank you,

    • porchdog says:

      Frebreeze usually does a good job. If that doesn’t work you will need to rent a rug doctor with upholstery attachment and then get the Pet Odor solution for it.

  8. Dave Foster says:

    Hello…..we have Navion 08J motorhome and want a new latex custom mattress. We will be in Mesa Jan 18 for a month and hope to purchase a custom mattress on arrival. How long does it take to take delivery of a custom order and approximate cost.? The size is known as a short queen with the corner cut off….

  9. Dan Miller says:


    I gained knowledge of your business through The Mattress Underground, of which I am a member. I am considering a three layer king size latex mattress. I would like to have a 2 inch talalay soft comfort top, a 2 inch talalay second layer medium on one side soft on the other. All supported by the 5.6 inch medium talalay bottom. What are your thoughts on this type of construction? I am a 6’1″ 215 pound side sleeper, and my wife is a 5’7″ 140 pound mostly back but sometime side sleeper.

    • porchdog says:

      The best way to configure this bed would be our standard construction of a medium as the base foam with our 2″ #22 ILD topper in our bamboo zippered cover. The final piece would be one of our Rejuvenite toppers which are three inches but will really give you that cloud like feel most of us are looking for. Those are available in either #19 or #28 ILD. Personally I use the #19 but I am 175 lbs. We can also custom configure the topper to a #19 on one side and #28 on the other. No one does that!

  10. Jo says:

    What is the difference between natural talalay and blended talalay in regard to softness and support?

    • porchdog says:

      I sleep on blended talalay which has been around for decades. Personally I can’t tell the difference between it and the more expensive natural talalay.

  11. Neil says:

    I slept on one of your mattresses at the Ocean House Resort in Islamorada,FL. I would like to know the type and firmness of the mattress as I am interested in purchasing one like it. Thanks.

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