Archive for July, 2016

Is a Latex Mattress Hot?

Are Latex Mattresses Hot to Sleep On? As a mattress manufacturer who lives in Phoenix, AZ I can call myself qualified to answer the question “Do Latex Mattresses Sleep Hot”? The answer is NO! This is a lie put out there by everyone who doesn’t offer latex mattresses. Latex foam is open cell foam which […]


Is a Latex Mattress Good for a Bad Back?

Are Latex Mattresses Good for a Bad Back? Latex mattress have the ability to conform to your body curves better than any other type of mattress but more importantly because latex is made of rubber it has a push back characteristic that also provides unequaled support to the small of your back which is where […]


What Does a Latex Mattress Feel Like?

So What Does a Latex Mattress Feel Like? Basically the answer to that is a latex mattress can feel like just about any firmness you want. If you ask how does a latex mattress compare in feel to a memory foam mattress then it’s simple – you feel like you are floating instead of sinking. […]


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