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How to Fix Your Sagging Mattress by Rebuilding it

Learn the Secrets of Fixing a Sagging Mattress If you are like millions of other Americans sleeping on a sagging mattress that’s less than 5 years old let me share a secret about how you can fix it. Mattresses are not rocket science even if they want you to believe that. Spring mattresses consist of […]


Best Mattress for Tiny House Living

If you are like me and have become fascinated with building your own tiny house in the mountains, let me share some of my experiences and and also advice on the perfect mattress for your tiny house. The mountains in northern Arizona offer us Phoenix residents a nice getaway from the heat and because most […]


Do it Yourself Latex Mattress

The Essential D.I.Y. Latex Mattress If you suffer from circulation issues, sore back, sore hips or shoulders and not a lot of money to remedy any of these issues then listen up. I have some tips that might fit your pocket book for a DIY latex foam mattress. Assuming that buying a new all latex […]


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