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Arizona Premium Mattress- Your Latex Mattress Specialist in Phoenix, AZ

Arizona Premium Mattress Company is Arizona’s premier natural and organic latex mattress store servicing all locales in AZ including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Glendale, Gilbert, Chandler, Tucson, Flagstaff and much more. We also offer nationwide shipping on most of our products and now shipping to Canada as well.

Our Arizona latex mattress factory showroom located in Phoenix is your natural bed solution store. On display you will find amazing prices on premium natural and organic latex mattresses made on sight exactly to your specifications. Yes, you can finally have a mattress made YOUR way! Our #1 selling natural latex foam sleep system offers variable support which means if you like it firm and your partner likes it plush, it’s no longer a problem.

Listen to our radio interview in Phoenix about latex mattresses!

Arizona Premium Mattress Offers Non-Toxic Kids Beds

Our Latex Bed for Kids starts at just $295 for twin size and offers a full 6″ of Talalay latex. Where else can you find a deal like that, nowhere. This is the advantage of being factory direct. We work with our suppliers to bring you the absolute lowest prices on latex mattresses including this amazing deal on latex beds for kids. This model uses a quilted organic cotton cover on Both sides of the mattress meaning you can flip it if desired. We also feature a soft/firm combination meaning it’s soft on one side for when they are younger and firm on the other side when they are older.

Arizona Premium Mattress Offers Natura Wool

Arizona Premium Mattress Use Natural Joma Wool from New Zealand

We also carry the new Sedona Sleep system which includes a removable Talalay latex 3″ mattress topper sitting on a high quality Certi-Pur US polyfoam base mattress which specs out way better than the Casper or Tuft and Needle mattress designs and the price is under $1000 for a complete King size mattress.

Arizona Premium Mattress Company Offers RV Mattresses of All Sizes

In addition to our full lineup of latex beds we also have a full line of RV mattresses in both regular foam and latex. We even carry combination RV mattresses that feature the economy of poly foam with the comfort and durability of latex foam. These have been a big hit among the RV community especially in
short Queen size. Even if you have an odd size just bring us your old mattress or a template and we’ll configure a new RV mattress to your specifications.

Arizona Premium Mattress features Rejuvenite Toppers and Pillows by Talalay Global

Talalay Global (formerly known as Latex International) is the premier talalay latex supplier in the U.S. and we proudly feature their Rejuvenite product line of talalay latex mattress toppers and talalay latex pillows.

Rejuvenite Latex Pillows

Rejuvenite Latex Pillows by Latex International

The Rejuvenite product line includes the incredible “Pillow for the Body” latex mattress topper in both “plush” or “firm” and is 3″ of talalay latex with beautiful stretch knit cover to protect it for years to come. Arizona Premium Mattress carries a full line of Rejuvenite latex pillows including the Renewal, Restora, Celsion, and Natural talalay latex pillows.

Why Buy From Arizona Premium Mattress Company

Anytime you throw the word “specialty” into a product the price goes through the roof. Natural latex mattresses are no different. Don’t believe me, just visit one of the local Arizona mattress stores and see for yourself. Just when you decided “going green” was for you you got dished out a dose of reality. Going green is very expensive. Well not anymore! Arizona Premium Mattress company brings you top quality natural latex mattresses at affordable pricing so you can outfit your entire family with these wonderful toxic free, hypo-allergenic, bed bug and dust mite resistant natural beds. Our new larger latex mattress factory and showroom allows us to show many more designs including our full line of RV mattresses. Come in and get “fitted” for your new latex mattress.

By Ken Hightower


Latex Mattress Reviews

5.0 star rating


Hi Ken,


I just wanted to tell you how much I absolutely LOVE my new bed.  It is so incredibly comfortable.  I have even noticed that since I’ve been sleeping in this bed, I have started dreaming again almost every night which I have done in YEARS!  In my old bed, it seemed I tossed and turned and woke up many times during the night.  Now, I feel like I wake up much less often.  My old mattress was a top of the line memory foam mattress that I hated.  Every time I rolled over and changed positions in the bed, I’d have to wait for the new spot to conform to my body and I hated the feeling of “sinking” in my bed.  The latex is so incredible, not only is it soft but supportive at the same time, but I love the fact that when I roll over, every spot feels the same.  My bed also feels the same regardless of the temperature of the room, unlike the temperature based, memory foam where it felt harder when the room was cold and softer when the room was warm.  I love the consistent, wonderful feeling of the latex.  Honestly, I cannot thank you enough for providing the latex mattresses at such an affordable price.  The assembly was easy, went very smoothly, and was very well worth it.  THANK  YOU!!!!!!!!



Denise Dabney
6/4/2011 1 Check-in Here First to Review

We purchased our latex mattress about three months ago. I can honestly say that it is one of the best purchases that we have EVER made! I was a bit skeptical in purchasing a latex bed, but we were reassured that it had many benefits including longevity, lasting comfort, and no more flipping of the mattress. Also the owner, Ken, was great to work with and they make the beds here in Arizona, so we were able to get ours custom made with one side being firmer than the other. Heavenly!!!! I can’t say enough good things! If your in the market for purchasing a new bed, not sure what to get, check them out. Great prices. Great customer service. You won’t be disappointed. Arizona Premium Mattress rocks!

To Whom It May Concern,
I just want to take the time to thank you for your product. Back in June I purchased the Queen Adjustable Ultra Plush Latex bed with a 3” topper, and while it has taken some adjusting to, (I did have to exchange my soft topper for a firmer one), I am very pleased with my new mattress. I admit even switching to the firmer topper took some getting used to and I was still waking up with lower back pain so I eventually flipped the bed so the topper is on the bottom and this seems to work best for me.
Minus the time it took for my body to adjust to the different sleeping surface, it has been wonderful sleeping on my latex mattress. There is no odor, its is soft yet firm at the same time (I cant really put it into words but it just is 😉 ) and best and most important of all, I sleep more soundly!! I admit I still wake up during the night and have some tossing and turning BUT before your mattress I woke up every hour on the hour, no joke. Now I sleep a solid 3-4 hours before I wake and when I do wake I fall back to sleep much faster. Anyway, all this is to say that I thank you for your time and patience with working with me and just wanted to send my praises in! I also wanted to ask if you have a firmer latex pillow as the ones that came with my purchase are too soft, which is a shame because I really like the pillows. They truly do sleep cooler and that is great. Thank you again!
S. Brannon


15 Responses to “Natural Organic Latex Mattresses in Phoenix, AZ”

  1. Arizona Premium Mattress Company Review

    My wife and I had been sleeping on an innerspring mattress that was over 25 years old, and we both knew it was past due for replacement. We decided we wanted to get away from the springs, and had heard a lot about latex foam. We knew from one bad experience with a smelly memory foam pillow that we didn’t want anything synthetic, so we began shopping, doing research online and visiting every local mattress store in our area.

    The more we looked, the more discouraged we became. It seemed that every time we found what we thought we wanted, the price was so ridiculously high, we just couldn’t see ourselves spending that kind of money. And the more we learned, the less we understood about the various kinds of latex.

    We spoke with knowledgeable people in the stores, and tried out many beds for a few minutes at a time, but we both knew we couldn’t learn what we really needed to know, not from lying in a bed in a store for five minutes, fully clothed, with a salesperson talking to us the whole time.

    Online, the confusion worsened, but we began slowly narrowing down our choices. Then some friends of ours bought a latex mattress locally and told us how wonderful it was. Their positive experience, and our aching backs, inspired us to get back into the research.

    We found Arizona Premium Mattress Company through an online search and immediately liked the clear explanations of the different kinds of latex foam and the various configuration options which were similar to those offered by the store our friends purchased from, with one difference: a savings of about $1000 on the mattress we wanted.

    Having heard axioms like, “you get what you pay for” all my life, I was skeptical, so I called the company. The owner of the company, Ken Hightower, answered the phone, and we had a very informative, interesting conversation – when I hung up, I was surprised to see we had talked for nearly an hour! Ken directed me to the various places on the website where I could learn more, and invited me to call back if I had any more questions.

    The more time I spent on the website, the more convinced I was of his sincerity. We decided to go ahead and give it a shot. I called him back a few days later and asked some more questions and decided on the King Plush Sleep System with the bamboo cover.

    Ken warned me that they were running behind in production and our bed wouldn’t ship for a few weeks. After shopping for nearly a year, a few weeks sure didn’t matter. While we waited, we treated ourselves to a new platform bed that arrived in time for our new mattress, and we gave away the old innersprings, arranging for their pick up on the same day our new mattress would arrive, which we knew precisely because we received a tracking number in an email when it shipped and were able to watch its journey across the country.

    Our mattress arrived exactly when Ken said it would, in three manageable boxes, delivered to our door by UPS. The components were packed very well, carefully wrapped in two layers of plastic, and we knew exactly what to expect and how to assemble the mattress because we had watched the video on the website. I was very satisfied with the quality of the bamboo cover, the strong zipper, and the way everything fit together perfectly. Up until that point, I was still a bit skeptical, wondering if my saving all that money was going to backfire and I would be stuck with an inferior product. This is where my year-long search really paid off. I was surprised to find the quality was the same, or better, than the mattresses we had seen in the stores that cost twice as much.

    So far, so good. But what about sleeping on the new latex mattress? First of all, there was absolutely no odor, which was very important to both of us. What a relief! A great sleeping experience, for me at least, but my wife wasn’t as thrilled with our purchase. The new mattress was too firm and her back hurt in the morning.

    If you are familiar with the website, you know that the mattress has a left and right core which you can vary in firmness, soft, medium, or hard, with the top layer always soft. I goofed. I was afraid of its being so soft it wouldn’t give us the proper support. Even though it is right there on the website, and even though Ken advised me on the phone to get the soft core for my 98 pound wife, my skepticism prevented me from believing that foam could ever be as substantial and firm as the core of this mattress, and I opted for medium on both sides.

    No problem! Arizona Premium Mattress Company graciously shipped us a soft core, and when it arrived, we swapped it out and sent the medium core back. They took care of all the paperwork, and all we had to do was pay the shipping charges.

    I have nothing but the highest praise for this company and the people who work there. Every question was answered, every concern dissolved, and I have never found better customer service anywhere. Totally excellent communication, no surprises, every aspect of the entire transaction happened as expected.

    I have seen, on other websites, warnings about shipping mattresses rolled up, that they take a long time to flatten out. Well, maybe that’s true with inferior quality mattresses, but our latex cores came right out of the box perfectly flat, and the assembly was exactly as shown on the video on the website.

    Listen to these guys! Read the articles on the website, watch the videos, learn as much as you can and be an informed shopper. You will get the best quality product at the best price (by far), and you will have a totally easy experience. Enjoy!

    Here’s a link to the website:

  2. Dr. David says:

    Hi Ken,

    Just to let you know, our mattress arrived via UPS on Monday ( well before expected date). Packaging was excellent and assembly straight forward. I wanted to tell you how pleased we are with both the quality and feel of the mattress/topper/cover and the excellent value of your product. Seems to me you are doing a great job as a small entrepreneur challenging sacred cows. Well done!

    Keep on the Sunny Side. DNA

    PS My wife Anne is particularly pleased and as they say – “Happy Wife, Happy Life”.

    Dr David

  3. steve burns says:

    I am interested in a latex mattress topper… do your toppers have a cover included? If not, do you sell them? I am interested in a 2 inch latex topper for king sized bed.


  4. Chrysta says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for making such a great quality latex mattress. We’ve had our medium firm latex pillow top mattress for over 10 years now and it’s still as comfortable now as it was when we first got it. Back again looking for a mattress for our guest room…
    Thanks again!

  5. porchdog says:

    Thanks Chrysta, nice to hear from you. We are ready whenever you are.

  6. Dear Ken – Just wanted to let you know that I am thrilled with my new latex mattress. The past 3 nights have been the best sleep I have had in years! I am a Canadian customer & thought you may be interested to know that GST & brokerage fees were $157. UPS delivered in 1 week & the shipment arrived in good condition. A comparable mattress in Edmonton would have cost me $3000. Thank you for the excellent customer service, a wonderful product & great prices. I am telling people how happy I am & that I highly recommend your company. Please feel free to use these comments on your website. Thanks so much!

  7. We have had our “Queen Plush Set” for 1 week and I really dont know how we slept on anything else.It’s the best sleep that either one of us has had.My husband has had 2 back surgery’s we were extremely concered about comfort/support.We have found it with this mattress.And thats no BS. The delivery was a whole week early!!!!
    Thanks Ken for all your patience and showing us all the differences..
    Rick & Pam Kopp

  8. Michael C says:

    We have been through two mattress from Sears in the last 3 years. Including Stearns and Foster which failed after 9 months, which Sears would not warrantee. Ken, was great in making our mattress and the changes we requested after the purchase. We love our new mattress and would highly recommend AZ Premium Mattress.

  9. Shaun K says:

    We just received our mattress today. WE ordered about 4 weeks ago and that is about the time our salesman said it would take to be delivered. As we opened the packages there was no funny smells and the latex quickly returned to form. Installing the pieces into the cover wasn’t to difficult but is very heavy to move so I would suggest that you put it together in the same room you will be using it in. Haven’t had a chance to sleep on it yet but after just laying on it for a while I can already feel a huge difference. So far I’m very happy with AZ Premium Mattress Co and I’ll follow up down the road once I’ve had a chance to sleep on it for a while.

  10. Anahita& Keshav says:

    We just received our all natural Queen size Mattress and we LOVE IT!! it came exactly when we were told it would arrive. there are no odors( i was very concerned about this), and on the whole it is AWESOME!! i had researched for 6 months before buying from these guys and i am not disappointed one but! Thanks Greg for taking the time to answer all my questions!! thanks guys!

  11. Doug B. says:


    I must say I am sometimes leery when purchasing large items over the net, but my experience with Matman and his staff was great. The product (natural latex topper) was just as shown and way cheaper than all of his competitors. The product was packed very well and his shipping costs are very reasonable (even to HI).
    Thanks again for a hassle free experience,

    Doug B.

  12. John says:

    Dear Ken,

    As I mentioned to you I have suffered from a back problem for many years and last month I finally persuaded my wife to replace an expensive and almost new mattress with a soft natural latex one from you.

    Last weekend my wife was attending a convention in Washington DC when she fell in a restaurant and broke her pelvis in two places.
    We were fortunate in having Medical/Repatriation travel insurance and she was flown home with an escort two days later.

    She is in great pain and any movement hurts her.
    The purpose of this email is to tell you that the one place in which she is able to be comfortable is either sitting or lying in bed.
    The natural latex performs exactly as required. It is soft yet resilient.

    She is now very grateful that we bought natural latex and if you would like to use this letter as an endorsement of natural latex
    you would be welcome to do so.

    Best regards

    John Quin-Harkin

  13. Mark says:

    Ken, I just wanted to say thank you VERY much for the bamboo pillows, and the latex topper my wife and I purchased from you last week. Having 2 ruptured disks in my lower back, I have to tell you that I have had the best sleep, most comfortable sleep I have had in the past 10+ years. I am no longer hot at night, and no longer flipping my pillows throughout the night, because they get too warm. The bamboo pillows are a Godsend to me, as well as the soft latex topper we are now sleeping on. Our next move will be to purchase the Ultra Plush Premium Latex Mattress to go with the wonderful topper we now have. Thank you very very much for the service, and premium products you provide. They are truly a Godsend!!!! My back has NEVER felt better!

  14. Shaina says:

    Ken, I bought 2 3″ latex mattress toppers a few months ago which where the firmer toppers and I was wondering if you accept exchanges for the less firm toppers or if I can bring those 2 in and have them cut down to full size to use on another bed in the house and then purchase 2 XL twin less firm toppers for the king size bed that is adjustable.

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