How to Improve Sleep with a Latex Pillow

Did you know that you can improve your sleep drastically just by switching to a latex pillow? That’s right, latex pillows have the ability to maintain their configuration for years and years unlike most store bought pillows. I’m sure you’ve all experienced finally finding that “just right” pillow only to have it flatten out a year or two later. Have you ever had your vacation ruined just because the pillows in the hotel were too hard or too soft? I know I have, once and only once which is why I always travel now with my latex pillow.

Renewal Latex Pillow

What Latex Pillow is Right For Me?

That’s a tough question to answer because pillows are such a personal item that there is no one size fits all answer. Here’s what I’ve found out over my almost 40 years in the mattress industry- it’s what works for you. Personally I sleep on my side on a very soft latex mattress which means my shoulders are sunk into my mattress quite a bit. Because of that I find that a higher loft pillow kinks my neck and is uncomfortable so I chose the low profile latex pillow made in America by Talalay Global (formerly known as Latex International). Now for someone who sleeps on a firmer mattress the high loft Rejuvenite latex pillows usually work best and are our best sellers. You might be saying to yourself now “well that makes sense but why should I get a latex pillow”? Simple, they last a long time without losing support. I’ve known people who’ve kept their latex pillows for 20 years until they literally start crumbling into dust. That’s how attached people can be to their pillows.

What are the Benefits of a Latex Pillow?

Besides being extremely durable  latex pillows are also anti-microbial, dust mite resistant, anti-fungal, non-toxic and hypoallergenic and last but not least, cool. Do you really want to be overpowered by the smell of a hot memory foam pillow? I think not which is another good reason to buy a latex pillow. We offer latex pillows in several varieties. For those who like the feel of a feather pillow but want to get away from all the dust those pillows can accumulate over the years, our shredded and granulated latex pillows are the perfect choice. You can mold them into any configuration you want just like a feather pillow but without attraction of dust. We also have a latex pillow designed for a side sleeper made by Churchill & Smith right here in America and it’s surprisingly called the “Side Sleeper” latex pillow.

Side Sleeper Latex Pillow

Our Rejuvenite line of pillows are also made in America and have a long tradition of being one of if not the most recognized name for latex pillows in the U.S. We’ve sold these pillows to NBA All Stars, MLB players in fact on MLB player left his Rejuvenite pillow in the hotel and realized it after he was already on the plane to play the San Diego Padres. He called me in a panic and had me overnight a pillow to the stadium just so he would have it for the rest of the road trip. Yes, that’s how important a good pillow can be. Proper neck support is a major factor in a healthy and restful sleep.

Latex Pillows On Sale

We recently made a major purchase of generic talalay Rejuvenite pillows and what that means is you don’t get the fancy carrying case or the extra zippered cover for the pillow but what you do get is virtually the same pillow at less than half the price of the retail version. This is a major discount for anyone looking to try a latex pillow before you setup your entire family with them. Get them while they last. You won’t find a U.S. made latex pillow for a better price anywhere. Stop by our Phoenix, AZ latex factory showroom and experience for yourself the largest selection of latex pillows anywhere in the U.S. We have over 500 latex pillows in stock and waiting for new owners.


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