Latex Mattress Company Now Shipping to Canada

Latex Mattress Company Now Shipping to Canada via UPS

Arizona Premium Mattress Company, the low priced leader in quality natural latex mattresses, now offers UPS shipping to all serviced cities in Canada. We’ve already seen scores of orders for our high quality latex foam beds to cities like Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa not to mention throughout British Columbia. Many of our latex mattress sales are for multiple beds going to Canada.

Latex Mattresses for Canada

Shipping Costs For Latex Mattresses only Slightly Higher for Canada

With the Canadian dollar running stronger than the U.S. it makes sense to purchase a latex mattress now if you live in Canada from a U.S. based natural bed manufacturer. Your actual cost will be lower than trying to buy a latex bed from a local brick and mortar dealer as online stores operate at a much lower overhead. Although we have a natural mattress showroom connected to our factory here in Phoenix, AZ. we still offer the best prices overall to Canada when compared to local mattress companies. Wouldn’t you be willing to wait 3 or 4 weeks if it meant saving up to a thousand dollars or more on a latex mattress?

Canada Looks to Latex Mattresses to Solve Toxicity Issues

As most of you already know, chemicals are around us at every corner. Latex mattresses have virtually no remaining chemicals in the finished product and that’s why Canada has welcomed these revolutionary natural mattresses with open arms. Our sales have skyrocketed since we opened up Canada to shipping our latex beds. Since our natural products are made in the U.S.A. there are no extra duties put forth thanks to N.A.F.T.A Latex International produces our all natural talalay latex mattress cores and toppers in Connecticut. All the sewing, trimming, packaging, etc. is done in our latex bed factory here in Phoenix.

His and Hers Latex Mattresses a Big Hit in CA

Over the years we’ve brought hundreds of couples back together, literally. Our Adjustable Ultra Plush Latex Mattress can be configured where the left half of the bed is a different firmness than the right half. With many couples having a huge weight discrepency between them there is no one firmness fits all solution. Perhaps that’s why air beds have a huge following but I wouldn’t want all those chemicals in my sleeping environment. Our AUP design truly does offer each their own firmness choice within the same bed. Our latex mattress cores come in several different firmness levels to accomodate different types of body size and sleeping styles as well. It’s been our experience throughout the years that lighter folks general prefer a softer feel while heavier folks gravitate towards firmer. It’s also been our experience that side sleepers also prefer softer vs firm for back sleepers.

60 Night Trial on Latex Mattresses Shipped to Canada

If you are worried about buying a latex bed sight unseen and what happens if I get it and don’t like it, we’ve got you covered. Our 60 Night Trial gives you peace of mind when buying a latex mattress online. The only cost to return or exchange for different firmness level would be the UPS shipping charges. On average a King size latex mattress shipped to Canada costs around $180 US. For more info on our policies and procedures along with warranty information, visit Latex Mattress Canada

By Ken Hightower

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