RV Mattress in Phoenix, AZ

Looking for an RV Mattress in Phoenix, AZ?

If you are looking for a custom or odd size RV mattress in Phoenix, AZ then we’ve got you covered. If I had a dime for every time someone called me to say “I just bought a queen size mattress for my RV and it’s too long” I would be rich. That’s because most RV’s use a mattress sized 60 x 74 or “short queen” and finding one in Phoenix, AZ can be difficult. That’s where our family owned mattress factory can help you.

RV Mattresses in Phoenix, AZ

High Quality Latex Foam for your RV Mattress in Phoenix

When you are on the road and driving for hours on end, the last thing you need is to try and fall asleep on a terrible mattress. Latex foam mattresses for your RV will not only add great comfort but also a lifetime of durability. They are priced higher than the standard cheap polyfoam beds that come in most RV’s but the level of comfort will only enhance your vacation experience rather than ruin it. Nobody does latex mattresses better than Arizona Premium Mattress Company in Phoenix, AZ.

We have over 12 years experience in custom size mattresses including RV mattress in Phoenix, AZ. We’ve done round beds, V-berth beds for cabin cruisers, and even heart shaped beds all using our top quality latex foam. In addition we also carry high end plant based soy foam that also does a good job at half the price of latex. All are non-toxic mattress and will not stink up your RV like many memory foam mattresses are known to do. Here’s what one of our customers had to say recently – “good morning;

We had you design and build a custom queen size bed for our Itasca Reyo 25r RV, which is built by Winnebago. The bed fits perfect and is amazing, what a great nights sleep. We would recommend you to anyone needing a custom bed for an RV mattress in Phoenix. We can’t thank you enough, cheers, alan”

RV Mattress in Phoenix – Free Quote

For a free quote on an RV mattress in or near Phoenix, please call us directly at 623-580-0288 or fax a sketch of the exact dimensions to 602-445-4964. Please include your contact info. Better yet, stop by our Phoenix mattress factory located just down the street from RV specialists “Little Dealer, Little Prices” off Deer Valley Rd at 22226 N. 23rd Ave. Visit our Contact Us page for maps and driving directions. Not only do we provide a great RV mattress in Phoenix, AZ but we also can ship nationwide including Canada.

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