Latex Mattress Toppers are Cool!

Latex Mattress Toppers are Soft and Cool

The addition of a latex mattress topper to any bed will greatly enhance the feel and also help with any circulation issues one might be having. Another benefit of the open cell construction of a latex mattress topper is the noticeably cooler surface vs the hotter feel of a memory foam topper. Living in Arizona I surely don’t need a hot mattress topper.

Bring an Old Bed Back To Life with Latex Mattress Toppers

It’s just a fact, mattresses will flatten out and lose their surface softness over time making your bed now feel much harder than it did when it was new. One way to bring your old bed back to life is with a latex mattress topperin either 2 or 3″ thickness. Maybe you just need a little extra, go for a 2″ talalay latex mattress topper. Perhaps you have sore hips and shoulders, now would be the time to pull the trigger on a 3″ latex mattress topper to get that little extra cushioning those of us over 50 now require.

It’s a Fact, a Latex Mattress Topper Can Help with Circulation Issues

As we age so does our circulatory system which means that a mattress that was once comfortable is now causing soreness or even numbness in hips and shoulders. The easy and cheapest fix would be to add a latex mattress topper over your existing bed. Buying an all new bed these days might put a big dent in your wallet so this is a much more economical way to expand your budget. Granted, it’s just a temporary solution as that older mattress will eventually need to be replaced with preferably a latex foam mattress. The next question would be what firmness to get in a latex mattress topper. Well the answer all depends on whether or not you primarily sleep on your side or on your back. I suggest for side sleepers a latex mattress topper in the 14-22 ILD range and for back sleepers something in the 28-32 ILD range. Either way you will come out a winner with much better circulation and much less soreness to wake up to in the morning.

Latex Mattress Toppers are Non-Toxic

Made from pure latex rubber found in the latex rubber trees, natural latex mattress toppers are inherently non-toxic and chemical free. Most latex mattress toppers are Oeko-Tex certified meaning they’ve been tested and approved safe for even infants.

Latex Mattress Toppers are Non-Toxic

So in short here are some of the benefits of a latex mattress topper- Eco Friendly, Non-Toxic, Cooler than Memory Foam, Relieves Pressure Points, Cheaper than Buying a New Bed, Extremely Comfortable, and lastly, Very Durable.

My personal choice is the 3″ soft Rejuvenite topper made by Latex International right here in the good ole US of A. It comes with a very nice cover and is luxury at it’s finest.

Bottom line is this is a cheap fix compared to buying a new bed. Latex mattress toppers just flat out work!

By Ken Hightower

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