What’s the Best Mattress for a Side Sleeper?

Are You Looking for the Best Mattress for a Side Sleeper?

If you are like me and sleep mostly on your side, congratulations, you are doing what comes natural. Problem is most folks cannot stay on their sides for an extended period due to pressure points and one ends up tossing and turning all night. So what’s the best mattress for a side sleeper?

Buying a new mattress should be more like buying new golf clubs; you must get properly fit to get the maximum advantage of your new purchase. Spring type beds will not conform to your body enough to prevent pressure building up in your shoulders and hips. Memory foam mattresses do work well to relieve pressure points but they do not hold up well over time, they are hot to sleep on, and they stink of toxic fumes. The best mattress for a side sleeper is one that is made of latex foam.

What’s Makes Latex Beds the Best Mattress for a Side Sleeper?

Latex foam mattresses do everything memory foam does without the side effects. No nasty smell, incredibly durable, and are cool to sleep on due to their open cell construction which allows air flow. Latex mattresses also come in a variety of firmness choices which is what makes it the best mattress for a side sleeper since we like softer mattresses. Softer mattresses will allow our shoulders and hips to sink in and with latex foam you still get support for your lower back.
When choosing the best mattress for a side sleeper you need to consider your weight. Because latex foam mattresses come in different firmness choices you need to be aware of what works best for your weight. Typically my customers who choose the “soft” version are under 180 lbs as I am. Most latex mattress manufactures offer a variety “ILD’s” which is a number rating for firmness. A latex core with an ILD rating of #28 or lower is typically considered “soft” by the mainstream and usually comes with an even softer topper. The higher the ILD number, the firmer the feel.

What’s the Best Mattress for a Side Sleeper who is Heavy?

This is a loaded question because everyone is different. Again, getting back to mainstream, most customers who are between 180 and 230 lbs choose a latex mattress with an ILD rating in the mid 30’s coupled with a latex mattress topper in the low 20’s. This selection will not only provide support for a slightly heavier person but also provide pressure relief in the shoulders and hips mostly due to the softer topper.

Best Mattress for a Side Sleeper

For those searching for the best mattress for a side sleeper who are much heavier you will have no choice but to go with one in the upper 30’s ILD range but again, get the added soft latex mattress topper to help with the shoulder and hip circulation issues you are probably having right now. All the choices I have recommended are based on over 14 years experience selling latex mattresses online and are in fact what customers have reported back works best for them based on weight classification. It is important to put yourself in the hands of a “true” sleep expert when shelling out the dough for one of these premium latex mattresses. One thing you want to be sure of is the trial period for the mattress. Although the above recommendations work best for most people, it still comes down to personal choice and you want to be sure you can return or at least exchange the mattress if it’s not working out for you.
The last thing I can tell you is that I sleep like a baby on my soft latex mattress and in fact get such a deep relaxing sleep that I wake up each morning fully refreshed after only 6- 6 ½ hours sleep. If you have a good firm mattress now then perhaps you can save a ton of money and buy just a soft latex mattress topper to go over your existing bed. This will still help relieve the pressure points and save you a ton of money too.

In effect I get an extra hour and half everyday for what I call “me time” and I owe it all to the best mattress for a side sleeper, a latex mattress.

By Ken Hightower

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