Natura Mattresses and Duvets

Natura Mattresses and Wool Duvets Available in Arizona

Arizona Premium Mattress Company is an official dealer for all Natura Mattresses, wool comforters and duvets, latex pillows and NexGel beds.
Our factory showroom has the amazing NexGel bed on display and we welcome you to come in and test it out. Along side you might also find the “Harmony” latex mattress to your liking. Top any of these beds off with one of Natura’s premium wool duvets and mattress pad and you will find yourself surrounding in comfort.

Natura Mattresses and Wool Products Featured in Arizona

You might think that wool products in Arizona just don’t make sense but you are dead wrong. Of course wool provides great insulation during the harsh winters of Phoenix (insert laugh) but did you know that wool helps keep you cool as well. That’s right, wool is cool with no pun intended. During the night we lose up to a pint of moisture through evaporation from the skin. Natura mattresses are made from naturally breathable materials that maintain a dry, arid sleeping environment.

Natura Mattresses and Duvets

Choosing a natural mattress by Natura ensures a sanitary sleep environment free from allergens and microbes that can affect your overall health. Designed to promote a naturally sound, rejuvenating sleep, Natura mattresses allow you to say goodbye to nagging nighttime allergies, and wake up feeling refreshed. While all Natura mattresses are unique, their natural components set them apart from other brands.

Natura Mattresses Inspired by Nature

Since it’s inception, Natura has focused on quality and value, honesty and customer service along with constant innovation to solve sleep challenges. Ralph Rossdeutscher, President and founder of Natura World, Inc. says “Like diet and exercise, sleep is a vital ingredient of a healthy life. We believe better sleep equals a better life and using natural, sustainable and organic materials is the best way to get there. It’s not a trend- It’s a way of life.”

Your bed should be a haven from the rest of the world, soothing and comfortable, free from irritants and allergens. Free from my kids as well would be great but doesn’t seem to be in the cards. Simply put, Natura mattresses matches eco-integrity with cutting edge technology to create handcrafted, naturally healthy sleep systems.

Natura mattresses are made with green, natural and organic materials because we know natural is always better. We deliver better health through the careful layering of latex and wool, wrapped in plush comfort layers.

Choosing the Right Natura Mattresses

Back pain accounts for almost as many doctor visits as a sore throat. Why? Because many people confuse firmness with support. Firmness and support are not interchangeable terms. To respect individual spinal alignment, your mattress must echo the natural contours of your body, supporting lighter and heavier areas equally. A mattress that doesn’t conform to your natural curves may force your spine into a position that tightens muscles and leads to long term health problems. It’s like playing with borrowed golf clubs, if they don’t fit your body you will have a terrible game. Too soft a mattress can have equally unhealthy effect on your body.

But it’s not an exact science and the only wat to know for sure is to try out many different Natura mattresses and others to find that perfect fit.

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