How to Fix Your Sagging Mattress by Rebuilding it

Learn the Secrets of Fixing a Sagging Mattress

If you are like millions of other Americans sleeping on a sagging mattress that’s less than 5 years old let me share a secret about how you can fix it. Mattresses are not rocket science even if they want you to believe that. Spring mattresses consist of just that, coil springs topped with various foams and fiber layers. In 90% of the cases it’s those layers that compress and cause the mattress to sag. Got to love those pillow tops! It’s rare that the problem will lie in the springs which is why I’m going to share with you how to recover some of the money you spent on what is now a back breaking mattress.

Lets’ Fix the Dips in Your Mattress

Watch This Exclusive on Mattress Misery and our interview about how to fix the problem –

I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing about all the benefits of memory foam, I know I am. I can’t even buy a pair of tennis shoes now without having memory foam inserts in them. Personally I hate the stuff and can’t believe it ever got traction given all the negatives associated with it like the heat factor and chemical aspects just to name a few. But then very few know the about a product that’s been sold in the U.S. since the 1940’s – latex rubber mattresses. There’s been no massive advertising about them, at least not since the 60’s. There no major brand name that’s pushing it either. The real problem with latex is it’s durability. It just doesn’t fit the planned obsolescence profile of today’s bed in a box or chain store type mattresses. Who would want to sell a mattress that has the potential of lasting 50 years? Not a lot of repeat business with that model. What all of this is leading to is your ability to remove and replace the layers in your mattress that are causing the depressions with a superior product.

In the video below I will show you how to take apart an existing spring type mattress layer by layer and replace those layers with high quality latex foam. By doing so you accomplish 3 things, you save money, you increase the durability of your mattress and lastly you greatly improve the comfort. Watch this video-

Now assuming you’ve done the above and all you are left with is a spring and maybe a layer or two that is still good, the next step would be to figure out what firmness level you want the bed to finish at so you can choose the appropriate latex topper or toppers. First thing to do is determine how firm the springs are by throwing a blanket or equivalent over the spring and testing it. If it’s quite firm and supportive you can now add a soft, medium or firm latex topper over it to get the feel you are looking for. I recommend building it one layer at a time. You might get it right the first time and then all you need is a zippered cover to finish it off. If it’s still to firm then adding a second layer of softer latex should get you where you need to be. If the spring itself is of the softer variety you may want to reconsider if it’s even worth doing. Obviously if you are on the heavier side it’s probably not worth going any further. If you are of average or below average weight and like a softer feel then by all means proceed on assuming the spring itself has no dips in it. If you have any questions about how to do any of this visit Arizona Premium Mattress Our DIY section has many items to choose from to help fix your sagging mattress.

Author – Ken Hightower




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