Best Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers

Looking for the Best Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers?

When purchasing a hybrid mattress there are many variables you have to consider. Whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper dictates what firmness choice would be best for you. Height and weight is also factored in to the selection. For a side sleeper under 200 lbs. our Eco Sleep Hybrid mattress featuring latex and pocket coil is an excellent choice. With variable firmness choices offered the best choice would be “plush” for the latex comfort layer. The pocket coil spring is medium firm which offers great support but you still need that “cush” that most side sleepers desire which is why the Plush topper is the best choice for a side sleeper.

Why Do Pocket Coils Make the Best Hybrid Mattress?

Pocket coils are flexible and each coil is individually wrapped so when you depress one area the rest are not pulled in like a normal spring mattress thus greatly reducing the amount of motion in the bed. We’ve all seen the bowling ball ad from years ago and it’s still viable today. This type of mattress can be prone to body impressions if topped off with lower density poly foam and memory foam which seems to be the trend these days. To not fall into that hole (pardon the pun) we use a much higher density foam, latex foam which is heavier and fights body impressions better than any other type of foam made today.

Do Hybrid Mattresses Work Good On Adjustable Beds?

I can’t speak for the others but ours definitely do because the manufacturer of our pocket coil system is also the leading adjustable bed manufacturer – Leggett and Platt – so of course they’ve designed  a wonderful collection of pocket coil springs that work well on adjustable bed bases. We feature all of our hybrid mattresses on adjustable bases here in our Phoenix, AZ showroom.

What Hybrid Mattress is Best If I’m Heavy and a Side Sleeper Too?

For heavier people who are side sleepers then our Ultimate Hybrid Mattress would be a better choice because it has many more coils and is an overall firmer spring system. You would select instead of Plush latex you would get “medium” latex due to the extra weight. It will still feel comfortable to a heavier side sleeper but also give the extra support needed. You don’t want to sink through the top layer right into the coil which could happen if the comfort layer was too soft.

Are Pocket Coils Better Than Foam For the Bottom Part of the Hybrid Mattress?

Yes, a quality spring system will out perform even HD poly foam for many years more. In our collection of videos we have shown how to take apart many different brands of mattresses and in every case it was the top layers of poly foam and memory foam that softened up and caused depressions, never the spring system below. So consider our lineup of Pocket Coil Hybrid mattresses which we believe to be the best Hybrid mattress for side sleepers.

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