What Does a Latex Mattress Feel Like?

So What Does a Latex Mattress Feel Like?

Basically the answer to that is a latex mattress can feel like just about any firmness you want. If you ask how does a latex mattress compare in feel to a memory foam mattress then it’s simple – you feel like you are floating instead of sinking. Memory foam offers little support due to it’s nature of being slow recovery. Your body heat softens it up leaving it without push back which means no to little support. Latex is instant recovery foam which means it’s always pushing back to the point it even assists you when you roll from your back to your side or visa versa. Memory foam is also hot to sleep on and full of chemicals where latex is neither. The reason memory foam is so popular is because the profit margins are huge. All major foam manufacturers offer several varieties of memory foam so it’s readily available. Latex on the other hand is sourced from places like Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and other tropical climates. It’s much harder to get on an every day basis.

Why Can’t I Compare the Feel of Latex vs. Memory Foam?

When was the last time you asked a mattress retail store if you could compare the feel of a latex mattress with the feel of a memory foam mattress? I sincerely doubt they could accommodate you with that request. The reason is simple, you would never buy the higher profit margin memory foam mattress if you could compare directly with the feel of a latex mattress. We’ve had a high end gel infused memory foam mattress in our showroom for over 2 years now and nobody has even asked what the price was because next to it is one of our several in house brand latex mattresses. When you can actually compare side by side a memory foam mattress feel vs. a latex mattress feel you will quickly understand why the memory foam mattress fails miserably, especially in the heat factor and support functionality areas.

How Does the Feel of a Hybrid Mattress Compare to Latex Mattresses?

The feel of a hybrid mattress can closely compare to an all latex mattress if the top 3″ is all latex. Latex mattress wannabe’s like Casper only give you 1.5 inches of latex over 1.5 inches of memory. All the best aspects of latex are removed when on top of memory foam. Whether the 3″ of latex is on top of quality poly foam like the Sedona Sleep bed, or on top of a pocket coil like the Ultimate Hybrid both will give you about 80% of the true feel of latex. The pocket coil hybrid will offer more bounce than the poly foam base mattress by Sedona Sleep but both are more cost effective than a solid latex mattress.

latex feel vs. memory foam vs. spring

The Feel of a Latex Mattress Can be Customized for Each Person

That’s right, Burger King isn’t the only place you can have it your way. The Adjustable Ultra Plush Latex Mattress  is a completely configurable solution for couples with different comfort needs. This is something rarely offered in either a memory foam or hybrid type mattresses with the exception of the Sedona Sleep bed. Both the latex core foundation firmness and the comfort layers are offered in a variety of firmness choices tailored to each individuals height, weight and sleeping style. No other kind of mattress offers so many if any comfort choices than does latex. So if you are looking for the ultimate feel offered by today’s mattress world then look no further than a latex mattress.

Arizona Premium Mattress Company specializes in both hybrid mattresses and all latex mattress designs made right in our own factory and shipped door to door nationwide at wholesale to the public prices.

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