Best Mattress for Tiny House Living

If you are like me and have become fascinated with building your own tiny house in the mountains, let me share some of my experiences and and also advice on the perfect mattress for your tiny house.

Best mattress for tiny house

The mountains in northern Arizona offer us Phoenix residents a nice getaway from the heat and because most property is less than 2 hours away many of us disappear on those long hot weekends for the cool pines. Years ago I bought some property outside of Williams, AZ and last summer I decided I wanted to build my own tiny house on my property. I was limited to under 200 sq. ft otherwise I had to jump through all the building codes and permits and all the other crap that I did not want to deal with. I also wanted it to be completely off-grid. You know, just in case TSHTF I wanted a getaway.

First I picked out a nice flat area of my property and figured a 10 x 19.5 tiny house was perfect for my needs. I decided to build a barn style roof and include a 16 ft. loft for the bedroom area. I downloaded some shed plans from the internet for 10 bucks and had all the instructions I needed including materials list and cutting sizes for building my own trusses. I lowered the ceiling from standard 8ft to 7 ft to give more headroom in the loft and really glad I did that. I won’t be installing a ceiling fan any time soon but it’s a small price to pay to be able to mostly standup in the loft.

After 8 back to back weekend trips I finally had the tiny house completed and now it was time to furnish it. The bottom level has a sofa sleeper, wash basin/sink, bathroom, dining area and kitchen area, wood burning stove and wall mounted TV. Throw in some shelving and decorations and it’s all good. Upstairs is all bedroom with a sitting area to look out into the beautiful views of northern Arizona.

Best Mattress for Tiny House Living

Being a latex mattress specialist it was important to me to have a comfortable mattress but one that wasn’t too heavy or bulky. The best mattress for a tiny house would have to be our Solid Core model which is only 6″ thick but packed full of features like all our latex mattresses. Since we are side sleepers we went with the “soft” version but most folks would probably be best off with a medium firmness. This tiny house mattress is extremely flexible which made it easy to maneuver up stairs into the loft. We did raise it off the floor about 8″ with our KD wood foundation which I assembled upstairs and was a breeze since I didn’t have to try and figure out how to get a queen size boxspring upstairs like you would with conventional mattresses. There is even room upstairs to throw a couple twin latex mattresses on the floor if needed for those holiday weekends when all the family wants to come up to enjoy the cooler weather. When not in use we just stack one on top of the other and still have plenty of floor space.

Finally I installed rain gutters with screen filters all the way around and they funnel into a 275 gallon tote which then gets filtered and pumped back into the house. Rain water is great for cleaning but it is acidic so drinking it not recommended long term. The last item to install was the outside shower. I hooked up a propane cylinder to the Eco Temp Water Heater and now we have hot, filtered, rain water to shower with. Total investment for our tiny house was only about $5000 including staple guns, air compressor, table saw and sliding miter saw. I think that’s pretty cheap considering a basic 10 x 20 barn style portable shed was $5800 delivered and setup. Next weekend I’m putting on the finishing touches by installing solar panels, solar charge controller, inverter and 6V golf cart batteries which will make our tiny house able to function totally “off grid”.  Best of all, we sleep so well on our Tiny House mattresses.

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