NexGel Gel Beds by Natura

NexGel Gel Beds Available in Arizona

NexGel Gel beds are the latest craze in the mattress industry and no one does it better than Natura which owns the NexGel brand. Arizona Premium Mattress Company is proud to have on display in our mattress showroom these amazing gel beds.

NexGel Gel Beds

So What’s So Special About NexGel Gel Beds?

Glad you asked, here’s what’s so special about gel beds:

  • Heat Neutral- does not generate heat or cold
  • Ultimate pressure relieving surface
  • Self Zoning- Gel beds conform to your ideal sleep posture, providing superb support and spinal alignment
  • Used in hospitals for long term critical care patients because of its gentle, buoyant relief of every pressure point from head to toe
  • Studies show Gel beds helped to heal stage 4 bed sores
  • No body impressions
  • Strong / durable gel material
  • Guarantee – 10 full years plus 10 years prorated
  • Same gel material used by Dr. Scholl’s and JanSport
  • Gel is 70% food grade mineral oil
  • Gel beds are hypo-allergenic – non toxic and odorless
  • Anti-microbial anti-bacterial no dust mites
  • Endorsed by the International League of Chiropractors
  • Has a feel like no other mattress
  • Latex Gel Beds

    Solutions Series

    This solution oriented collection cradles and supports each unique sleep posture to restore health and vitality. Patented OrthoGel technology paired with plant-derived foam, plant-derived memory foam and Talalay latex reduces pain, targets mid-back pressure and eases stress and strain.
    Latex Gel

    The Solutions LatexGel Mattress harnesses the healing power of patented OrthoGel technology and Talalay latex. A responsive layer of OrthoGel conforms to individual sleep posture, gently cradling areas of high pressure while the Talalay latex layer absorbs motion transfer to invite more peaceful bed sharing between couples. To sweeten the deal, a generous helping of plant-based foam delivers delicious whole-body support and a soft, stretch-knit ticking secures deeper rest for wholesome rejuvenation.

    OrthoGel™ ~ The Cool Gel Mattress Advantage
    Gel technology is doctor recommended and used in hospitals
    Endorsed by chiropractors as best mattress for back pain
    Superior pain relief and pressure-point support
    Temperature-controlled comfort through air channels
    Free from motion transfer so couples can sleep together undisturbed.

    Stretch-knit ticking

    * Furnishes a soothing, gentle surface for sleep

    1” Quilting foam

    * Enhances cushioning and improves surface comfort

    2” Single OrthoGel layer

    * “Conforms to individual sleep posture, instantly customizing support
    * Eliminates pressure-point discomfort
    * Reduces stress on muscles and joints

    2” Talalay latex

    * “Absorbs motion transfer so couples can sleep together undisturbed
    * Reduces exposure to dust-mites and other allergens

    6” Plant-based foam

    * Provides a supportive base

    NexGel Latex Bed

    Try a NexGel Gel Beds Today

    Do yourself a favor and swing by our factory showroom and test drive one of these amazing gel beds today. Gel beds are the next sleep revolution.

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