Best Mattress Toppers For Phoenix Heat

Burning Up in Phoenix on Your Mattress Topper?

If you are like me and will do anything to escape the Phoenix heat that can effect your sleeping then you probably tried adding a mattress topper to your bed. The problem is most of the mattress toppers found in Phoenix are not designed to eliminate heat but rather reflect it back at you. Yuck! That’s not what we need here. We need a cool mattress pad that will allow our body heat to flow through the bed instead. The toppers found in the mega warehouse stores, even though they are blue and lead you to believe are cooler, are in fact just slightly cooler than the regular memory foam. Sure they got some gel beads in there but if you look at the reviews by actual customers you will see they too are hot!

Mattress Toppers in Phoenix

Latex Mattress Pads Dissipate Heat the Best

The open cell construction of a latex mattress topper allows air to pass through the pad and give you the cooling effect we all desire in these hot summer temperatures. Most other mattress toppers are made with closed cell foam which does not breathe well at all and only complicates our sleep here in Phoenix, AZ. Most mattress toppers are designed to relieve pressure points and both memory foam and latex foam do just that, but latex does it without the heat factor.

Cool Mattress Pads Without the Nasty Smell

If you were one of the millions who’s purchased a memory foam mattress topper then you know what I’m referring to. I had a customer just yesterday tell me she wished she had found me a couple of months ago because she bought one of those new blue mattress pads and found it to be no different than her other memory foam pad and it too made her sweat at night. She also had to leave it outside for 3 days before the smell went away enough for her to even bring it into the house. Latex toppers come from mother nature and only have a slight natural rubber smell and are completely non-toxic.

Women with Hot Flashes – Help is Here with a Latex Mattress Topper

You know what I’m talking about gals, it’s a miserable time in your life and a memory foam bed and/or topper only complicates your ongoing issues. My solution – get rid of it. Go to what is known to help with the heat factor and get yourself a cool mattress topper made with latex foam. We carry them in several configurations including 2″ and 3″. Both regular latex and slow recovery latex for those who like the feel of memory foam but without the side effects. We also carry the Pure Latex Bliss mattress toppers which are pure elegance and comfort.

The addition of a latex pillow will also help with those night sweats you’ve been experiencing. I’m not saying it’s going to eliminate them but it surely will help.

Get Your Mattress Topper in Phoenix Today!

Don’t wait, get relief now. We have all sizes and can even offer you custom sizes for RV’s, Campers, Boats, etc. For a more in depth look at our line of mattress toppers just click the “Order Online” button at the top for a complete description and pricing for all our mattress toppers available in our Phoenix factory showroom.

By Ken Hightower

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