Coils and Crap, the Truth About Today’s Mattresses

Coils and crap, I couldn’t resist using the phrase a recent customer of mine used to describe their existing mattress. Boy did that resonate with me because I hear her story every day here at our latex mattress factory showroom.  Over and over and over again the scenario is repeated to me to the point I’m almost ashamed to be in the mattress industry. Beds just don’t last very long anymore and I’m about to tell you why, they don’t want them to!

Coils and Crap Mattress

No Flip Mattresses Equal No Good Mattresses

I’m sure if you’ve been shopping lately for a mattress you’ve heard the same song and dance about why no flip mattresses are just better for you. First, you don’t have to break your back to rotate and flip them anymore. Wow, that’s awesome isn’t it? Wrong, if you ever wondered why your old mattress lasted so much longer than your new mattress you will quickly understand that flipping it was a good thing. It allowed the foam and other padding a chance to recover and relax without nightly pressure. This would extend the life of the mattress up to four fold of the new No Flip mattresses.

So the other story I hear repeated is that they are putting far superior materials into the one side only which is why you don’t have to flip them anymore. Again, wow that’s awesome. Superior materials, are you kidding me. With all the added chemicals and fire retardants added to the foams these days it’s no wonder they smell awful and don’t last more than a few years before showing major body impressions. But you know what, they don’t care. At least not yet.

Why You MUST Do Research Before Buying a Mattress

No one walks through my door that hasn’t already done research on what’s the best mattress to buy, or what’s best mattress for people who are chemically sensitive. Oddly enough they are one in the same. Latex mattresses are without a doubt the most durable and comfortable mattresses on the planet, and non-toxic too. When something better comes along you can believe we will be the first to offer it but until then latex mattresses rule. Ever wonder why you are having such a hard time finding them? That’s because retail stores don’t want to sell them because of their durability.  That’s actually good news for you because then you get to meet people like me who actually care about what mattress is best for your weight, sleeping style, chemical sensitivities, etc.  Most of us true latex mattress companies are factory direct which not only saves you money but get’s you experienced people who know mattresses and have elected to distance ourselves from the mainstream and focus on real sleep issues. A mattress that will have massive dips in it just a few years after purchase is not going to help any of that.

Why Latex Mattresses are Continually Praised by Their Owners

Customer satisfaction is by far the highest among latex mattress owners. I would say close to half our sales are customer referral based. Tempurpedic can’t say that or if they do it’s totally fabricated based on the number of former Tempur  customers that flood our showroom each week and can’t wait to get that stinky hot mattress out of their house ASAP.  The fact that latex mattresses last much longer than other types of mattresses is just one of the benefits. The main benefit and the one that everyone should care the most about is COMFORT! With all the different firmness choices in latex it’s easy to get the one that is just right for you and the good news is it won’t be short lived.

How many times have you found a comfortable mattress in a big box showroom only to have it change drastically in feel over the next few years? Pretty often I’m guessing based on the number of times I’ve had that story repeated to me by customers. Then what do you do about it? Put up with it for several more years until your back gets destroyed from the lack of support? Yeah, that seems to be the story I get most often. Well it’s time to just say no to these hyped up No-Flip coils and crap mattresses and step up to what your body deserves, a supportive yet durable latex foam mattress. Coils and crap, that’s not for you because the fact that you are reading this tells me you are a researcher and now you know what the mattress industry doesn’t want you to know.

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